Presidential Award of Excellence

So many members contribute expertise in so many ways to the MPS year after year, making it a vibrant and effective organization.  Typically, we single out one person each year for recognition later in their career via the Lifetime of Service Award.  However, occasionally the efforts of one individual member are truly outstanding and so integral to MPS successes that the Executive Committee decides not to allow the year to pass without honoring the member’s extraordinary work on the organization’s behalf.  The Presidential Award of Excellence recognizes a member who stepped up to one or more major challenges over the course of the year with exceptional enthusiasm and success.


  1. Extraordinary efforts on behalf of the MPS during the past year, well above and beyond the usual high expectations for MPS volunteer roles.
  2. It is obvious to the Executive Committee that the member is eligible based on the year’s activities.
  3. This is not an annual award, rather one that is used to honor MPS service that is so compelling as to warrant contemporaneous recognition.

The Presidential Award of Excellence is decided by consensus of the Executive Committee with the specific recommendation by the current president.

The award is presented at the MPS annual meeting prior to the change of officers.

2013 – Steven R. Daviss, M.D.
2014 – Elias K. Shaya, M.D.
2015 – Margo Lauterbach, M.D.
2021 – Annette L. Hanson, M.D.