Academic Psychiatry

Jennifer M. Coughlin, M.D., Chair
(410) 955-5212

Enhances collaboration between the MPS and the academic community, focuses on its needs and highlights its accomplishments via annual paper and poster contests.

APA Assembly Delegation

Annette L. Hanson, M.D., Co-Chair
(410) 724-3149
Elias K. Shaya, M.D., Co-Chair
(443) 444-4540
Brian Zimnitzky, M.D., Co-Chair
(443) 603-1344

This group of MPS members serving in the APA Assembly serves an important function for the MPS membership. The  Delegation includes and is co-chaired by MPS’s Assembly Reps. It coordinates MPS representation in the APA and is a forum for MPS members with concerns they would like APA to address.

Community Psychiatry & Diversity Coalition

Theodora G. Balis, M.D., Co-Chair
(410) 383-4914
Ann L. Hackman, M.D., Co-Chair
(410) 328-2564

Advocates for integrating the elements of diversity into the MPS by acting as a liaison to other community organizations with related interests, both clinically and academically.  In addition, it represen­ts the MPS on issues related to community psychiatry, including the proper use and role of psychiatrists in public settings and the quality of psychiatric care for patients.  There is a recovery focus on under-served individuals with serious mental illness.

Distinguished Fellowship

Karen L. Swartz, M.D., Chair
(410) 955-5212

Selects the MPS nominees for APA Distinguished Fellow in  accordance with APA guidelines. Committee members must be Distinguished Fellows or Distinguished Life Fellows.

Editorial Advisory Board

Jessica V. Merkel-Keller, M.D., Co-Editor
(908) 227-4329
Bruce Hershfield, M.D., Co-Editor
(410) 771-4575

Responsible to the Council for supervising and advising the Editor of The Maryland Psychiatrist regarding policies, article selections, and general management of the publication.


Joanna D. Brandt, M.D., Co-Chair
(410) 321-1525
Ronald F. Means, M.D., Co-Chair
(410) 724-3000

Reviews ethical dilemmas in psychiatric practice, and provides leadership and guidance to members. Also responsible for investigating ethical complaints against members. It is constitutionally limited to eight members, three of whom must be past presidents.

Health Policy Advisory Group

Steven R. Daviss, M.D., Chair
(410) 782-0077

Assists MPS committees and the Council in navigating the threats and opportunities resulting from several state government initiatives to focus MPS attention and resources in ways that best serve the interests of psychiatrists and their patients.


Annette L. Hanson, M.D., Chair
(410) 724-3149

Pursues the interests of the membership in all  mental health matters, initiating and responding to proposed state  legislation as well as proposed regulations affecting psychiatry.   Liaison with our lobbyist, other MPS committees, MedChi, and other patient and professional advocacy groups is integral to this work, much of which occurs during the legislative session from early January to early April each year. Members critique bills and can testify in Annapolis on bills the committee feels are most important.

Membership & Recruitment

Sally A. Waddington, M.D., Co-Chair
(301) 490-0778
Mark J. Ehrenreich, M.D., Co-Chair
(410) 328-6325

Recruits and evaluates applicants for membership, in accordance with MPS and APA policy. Also considers special member requests, works on recruitment, including outreach to area residency training programs, and carries out retention efforts.

Program & Continuing Medical Education

Jason H. Addison, M.D., Co-Chair
(410) 938-4332
Paul Nestadt, M.D., Co-Chair
(410) 955-6114

Plans MPS scientific programs and ensures that programs qualify for CME credit.