Meagan Floyd
Executive Director
Ms. Floyd supports the MPS Council and Executive Committee, along with the Academic Psychiatry, Distinguished Fellowship, Nominations and Election committees.  She participates in multiple behavioral health coalitions and staffs regular meetings with the Behavioral Health Administration.  She also staffs the MPPAC and the Legislative Committee.  For questions involving any of these areas, please contact Ms. Floyd via e-mail or telephone.

Heidi Bunes
Associate Director
Ms. Bunes manages the MPS, MPPAC and MFP finances. She also edits the monthly MPS News and staffs the Maryland Foundation for Psychiatry along with the Community Psychiatry & Diversity Coalition and Ethics Committee.  For questions involving any of these areas, please contact Ms. Bunes via e-mail or telephone.

Jora Hritz
Membership Meetings and Publications Coordinator
Ms. Hritz coordinates and designs MPS publications, handles ad/package orders, plans MPS events, processes MPS membership and plans and organizes CME events, ensuring that they comply with ACCME requirements. She also staffs the  the Editorial Advisory Board, Membership, Residents and Fellows, Early Career Psychiatrist, and Program & CME committees. If you have a question regarding any of the areas mentioned above please contact Ms. Hritz via e-mail or telephone.