The Maryland Psychiatric Society (MPS) serves as the voice of psychiatry for Maryland’s general public, provider and consumer organizations and the Maryland General Assembly. Through its advocacy, the MPS educates the public about mental health policy, psychiatry and successful treatment options.  MPS advocacy initiatives below encompass the legislative/regulatory, political, psychiatric practice and communications arenas.  Click here for more MPS advocacy news.

Current Issues

Preserve Telehealth Act of 2021: The new Preserve Telehealth includes several provisions that relate directly to the use of telehealth to satisfy network adequacy requirements and, in our view, guide and set the parameters of the Maryland Insurance Administration’s (MIA) regulatory options for the next two years. MPS signed onto a letter addressing several areas of concern with the network adequacy standards and the recently-enacted Preserve Telehealth Act of 2021.

Recommendations for Improving Maryland’s Public Behavioral Health System of Care were submitted to the MDH Workgroup in November 2019 and again in April 2021 to help guide changes in the public sector.

Increased Medicaid Reimbursement Rates for FY21

Children’s Behavioral Health Coalition Recommendations To The Kirwan Commission

MPS Concerns on PDMP Use Requirement

The MPS asked the Maryland Congressional Delegation to direct CMS officials to instruct Maryland officials to mirror other state policies allowing Ordering, Referring, and Prescribing providers to arrange private pay arrangements with Medicaid patients, whose prescriptions and labs will continue to be paid by Medicaid.

APA and MPS Advocacy with Maryland Congressional Delegation

Support for Behavioral Health Administration Outcomes Measurement System

APA and MPS Advocate for Network Adequacy

Hope Act of 2017

Allmond Case

Insurance Company Mergers & Network Adequacy

Permanent SGR Fix Negotiations