Positions and Statements

Maryland Psychiatric Society / Maryland Society of Addiction Medicine Position Paper on “Medical” Marijuana (2011) Modified Cannabis Use and Cannabis Use Disorder (2024)


Maryland Psychiatric Society Statement on Behavioral Health Integration (2012) – Reaffirmed February 2019 – Modified and approved (2024)


MPS Endorses American Psychological Association Statement on Violence in Middle East (2023)


MPS Endorses AMA Statement on Supreme Court Decision (2023)


MPS Endorses AAPA Statement on Atlanta-Area Mass Shooting (2021)


MPS Endorses BPA and AAMC Statements; Condemns Racism, Violence and Police Brutality (2020) – Modified and approved (2024)


Maryland Psychiatric Society Position on Integration of Mental Health, Substance Use, and Primary Care Systems and Services (2019)


Maryland Psychiatric Society Supports Calls on Administration to Provide Humane Care for Asylum Seekers at U.S. Border (2019) – Modified and approved (2024)