National Provider Identifier (NPI) Maintenance Tips

CMS recommends that physicians know and maintain their National Plan and Provider Enumerator System User IDs and passwords, reset their NPPES passwords at least once a year and review their records to ensure that the information is current. To view or update your information, visit and follow the NPI hyperlink, or access the NPI Registry to view Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)-disclosable NPPES data. The required information cannot be deleted; however, it can be updated. Certain information is inaccessible via the web, thus requiring changes to be made via the paper NPI Application/Update Form.  You can also call the NPI enumerator to request a paper application at 1-800-465-3203.

The CMS publication, NPI: What You Need to Know, explains the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System, who must obtain a National Provider Identifier (NPI), health care provider categories and how to apply.