Licensure Information

For information regarding medical licensure in Maryland please contact The Maryland Board Physicians. You may visit their website or contact them at:

Maryland Board of Physicians
4201 Patterson Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21215

Phone: 410.764.4777 or 1.800.492.6836
Fax: 410.358.2252

View the complete regulations for the Board of Physicians.

CDS Registration and Renewal

The Maryland Department of Health Office of Controlled Substances Administration (OCSA) has an online platform for applicants to renew controlled dangerous substances (CDS) registrations –  It connects with the Board of Physicians to verify applicants have an active professional license with no disciplinary actions/orders and with the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) database to verify applicants are registered*.

CDS registrations renew on a three-year cycle.  OCSA sends an email reminder when renewals are due.  Applicants can renew their CDS registration up to 60 days before or 30 days after the expiration date listed on the certificate.

Effective October 1, 2018, new and renewal applicants for CDS registration must attest to having completed 2 hours of CME related to prescribing controlled substances.  This is a one-time requirement.  Periodic audits will be performed to ensure that the requirement is met. Please call 410-764-2890 with any questions or see the OCSA announcement.

*As of July 1, 2017 practitioners must register with the PDMP prior to obtaining a new or renewal Maryland State CDS Registration (issued by the OCSA – formerly the Division of Drug Control.)  As of July 1, 2018 PDMP use before prescribing opioids or benzodiazepines is mandatory.

Medical Liability Insurance

Effective October 1, 2017, there is a yes/no question on the medical license renewal about whether the physician maintains Medical Liability Insurance The answer will be posted on the Practitioner Profiles. Practitioners can also edit their yes/no question within their profile.  Physicians must use the following Board-supplied forms to comply with the new law:

Criminal History Checks Required for Physician License Renewals 

Chapter 34 (HB 574 / SB 449) from the 2015 session of the Maryland General Assembly requires MBP applicants and licensees to submit to criminal history records checks (CHRCs) as a qualification for licensure.  This requirement began October 1, 2016 for all reinstatements, renewal and initial license applications. Chapter 34 also created new grounds for disciplinary action if a licensee fails to submit to a required CHRC.

Private commercial fingerprinting services are authorized by COMAR Regulation 12.15.05.  To view a list of authorized services with their location and phone number, click here.  Some of these have “preregistration” which can significantly reduce wait time by filling out the Criminal Background Application form and paying the required fees in advance.  There is also an option to request the Criminal Background Application from the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services.

Please visit the Maryland Board of Physicians’ website for the latest information.  The Board recommends that applicants and licensees do not submit fingerprints earlier than 6 weeks before the application or renewal date. The Board is authorized to retain CHRC information for 90 days only.

Printing Renewed Licenses

The MBP website has links where physicians can print copies of renewed licenses in lieu of paper licenses.  To print a copy of your renewal license, renewal receipt, or renewal application, please use the links on the right side of the page above. From there, enter your credentials and click the Logon button.  A link will display to download and print your renewal materials.

Continuing Education for Drug Dispensing Permits

Physicians who hold permits to dispense medication must meet continuing education (CE) requirements under Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) D.  Over a 5-year period, a permit holder must complete 10 continuing education credits related to preparing and dispensing prescription drugs as a condition of renewal. Please note that giving samples and starter doses to patients to take home does not require a dispensing permit.  Click here for additional information.