Mandated Reporting to Maryland Board of Physicians

Psychiatrists who have privileges or are employed by hospitals or related institutions, or who employ physician assistants, should be aware of November 2016 COMAR 10.32.22 regulations.

Hospitals and similar institutions must now report to the Maryland Board of Physicians (MBP) within 10 days of any change taken by the entity with respect to a physician or other practitioner.  The 10-day period applies from the date of the action, not after the appeal process.  This applies for any action that denies, restricts, limits, changes, removes, terminates, suspends, or places any conditions or restrictions on privileges and/or salaried or contractual employment for reasons that might be grounds for disciplinary action as determined by the MBP.  However, termination of a physician assistant for quality of care issue is reportable within 5 days.  Certain changes are not reportable, for example, maternity leave.

The reporting form must be sent to the MBP intake manager.  The MBP can investigate any failure to report, impose fines and file a public notice.

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