Branch Transfers

Transferring Into or Out Of A District Branch

When a member reports a change of address, the automatic transfer process is triggered. Address changes are also reported by the district branch and the postal service. Once an address change is made, you will be notified that the transfer process has begun. This will allow you time to stop the process if you have a valid reason to remain in your current district branch (e.g., retirement). You have 45 days to respond to the notification letter.

In order for the automatic transfer process to proceed, your dues to the old district branch must be paid in full, since the APA requires dues to be paid to the branch you belong to on January 1 of the year in which you transfer. Transfers out of your former district branch will not be approved until your dues are paid, and you will continue to receive invoices at your new address with open dues owed to the old district branch.

Dues are paid to only one district branch in a calendar year, so the new district branch will not bill you during the current year in which you transfer.

Members may choose which branch you would like to belong to if you live in one and work in another. Most members choose to join the branch where they work, since the lobbying efforts of that branch will most affect their practice.

If you are retired you may retain membership in the branch you belonged to when you retired. You will need to notify us by phone, mail or email that you wish to remain with your current district branch. In those cases, the automatic transfer process will be stopped.