Life Status

Two membership designations are available for semi-retired and retired members, who can opt-in to the categories if the requirements are met. Members are asked to ethically certify during the opt-in process that they meet the below criteria.  Semi-Retired Members and Retired Members continue to receive all member benefits and be able to vote and hold office.  Members who are in the Rule of 95 prior to January 1, 2022 can opt in to the new categories or stay in the Rule of 95.*

Semi-Retired Member Category

A Semi-Retired Member is near retirement age and works less than 15 hours per week in any administrative or clinical role or roles (i.e. across multiple settings).  MPS and APA Semi-Retired rates are 50% of the highest dues rate for General Members

Retired Member Category

A Retired Member has reached retirement age and is fully retired from all administrative or clinical responsibilities.  MPS and APA Retired rates are 1/3 of the highest dues rate for General Members

Life Status

As of 2022, Life Status is a designation that can be achieved by either (i) being a member for 30 or more years; or (ii) paying lump sum APA dues.

* Once a member has opted-out of the Rule of 95, he/she will not be able to opt-back in.  Everyone who had entered the Rule of 95 as of the 2021 dues year is grandfathered in the old dues structure:

  • APA dues are reduced to 2/3 the full rate for five years, and then further reduced to 1/3 the full rate for the next five years. After that, life members are dues-exempt.
  • MPS dues are based on the member’s current level of professional activity. Dues for members practicing half time or more are 2/3 regular member dues; for those working less than half time, dues are 1/3 the regular amount; and for members not involved in professional activities at all, dues are at a basic level ($75 in 2021).

For more information about Semi-Retired and Retired membership, visit the APA website.