Dues Reductions and Waivers

If you are facing unusual economic pressures, there are several temporary options that may be available to you. The MPS Council and the APA Board of Trustees permit dues relief upon recommendation of the Membership Committee. Please contact the MPS for more information. Options include:

  • Temporary Dues Reduction: Allows members to pay a certain percentage of their dues.
  • Temporary Dues Waiver: Members experiencing temporary conditions involving significant hardship may request a waiver of dues.
  • Temporary Inactive Status: Allows members to continue their membership, but inactive members will not receive the benefits of membership such as the American Journal of Psychiatry or MPS News unless paid by subscription. This status is granted on a yearly basis.
  • Permanent Inactive Status: Allows members who are unable to continue as an active member of the APA as a result of full retirement, debilitating illness, or similar severe hardship. Permanent Inactive members do not receive publications except by subscription, nor do they receive credit toward the Life status for those years of inactive membership.