2024 Election Begins March 1

The Maryland Psychiatric Society annual election will be held electronically with a secure ballot link emailed to each member on March 1. The voting deadline is March 31.  This is one of the easiest and most vital ways that members can participate in the organization.  MPS elections are very competitive and every vote counts!!!  Following are the candidates for each position with their information:

President-Elect (1-year term)

Ronald F. Means, M.D.

Current Positions: Catholic Charities – Chief Medical Officer; Private Practice – Child, Adolescent and Adult, Forensic Psychiatry Consultation; Clinical Instructor – Johns Hopkins; Clinical Assistant Professor – University of Maryland
MPS Positions: Current: Secretary-Treasurer, Executive Committee member, 2003-05 Resident and Fellows Committee Co- Chair; 2016 – present – Ethics Committee Co-Chair; 2018 – present – Legislative Committee; 2021 – 2023 – Council
Personal Statement: It would be my pleasure to serve as the Secretary-Treasurer for the Maryland Psychiatric Society. Over the years, I have enjoyed my ongoing involvement with the MPS as a committee member and chair and, more recently, as a Council member.  I have been pleased to offer my unique perspective, having worked in a variety of settings, including the state and community mental health systems as an evaluator, treatment provider and administrator.  My participation has also furthered my knowledge as I work to help improve the provision of mental healthcare.  I am now excited to be considered for the Executive Council as the Secretary-Treasurer and hope that my guidance will benefit the future endeavors of MPS.


Secretary-Treasurer (1-year term)

Tyler C. Hightower, M.D., M.P.H.

Current Positions: Springfield Hospital Center – Director of Forensic Services
MPS Positions: 2005-07 Resident and Fellows Committee Co- Chair; 2017 – present Community Psychiatry & Diversity Coalition, MPS Council 2021-Present, MPS Ethics Committee 2021 – Present
Personal Statement: To serve is to connect to others, to help build a stronger community.  It is with that goal in mind, that I am asking you to elect me to serve as the MPS Secretary-Treasurer.  In my practice as a general and a forensic psychiatrist, I have worked with underserved and underrepresented individuals who require navigation through both the mental health and justice systems.  In these settings, I have observed the impact of advocacy efforts on systemic issues affecting those with mental illness and/or substance use disorders. I believe that these experiences, and my understanding of the need for inclusion and diversity, would make me an asset to the MPS leadership team.  I look forward to continuing to serve.



Council (2-year term, 4 vacancies)

Idris Leppla, M.D.

Current Positions:  Johns Hopkins Bayview faculty
MPS Positions:  Legislative Committee 2017; Residents and Fellows Committee 2018-19; Early Career Psychiatrists 2019; Academic Psychiatry 2018-present;
Personal Statement: I am interested in being an MPS council member to engage in advocacy for psychiatrists and sound policy for patients. I am currently a faculty member at Johns Hopkins Bayview and run an inpatient consultation liaison service.  I am also active in teaching residents and fellows and have a small practice in community psychiatry and consult to 4 primary care clinics through the Johns Hopkins collaborative care model.

Mark Komrad, M.D.

Current Position: Private Practice, Assistant Professor— University of Maryland, Instructor in Psychiatry—Johns Hopkins, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry—Tulane
MPS Positions: Board of Directors—Maryland Foundation for Psychiatry, Past Chair—MPS Public Affairs/Education Committee
Personal Statement: I have been a practicing psychiatrist, both in inpatient hospital treatment and in outpatient private practice for 36 years. I have served the APA in the Assembly and the Ethics Committee. I’ve had an additional career as a medical ethicist — consulting, lecturing, and advising policy makers facing ethical dilemmas in psychiatry, throughout the U.S. and worldwide. I’ve developed ethical policies for the APA and the World Medical Association. My experiences in these ways of tending psychiatry’s “moral compass,” can be of unique value to the MPS Council.  In this challenging time, MPS and our profession are grappling with issues like scope of practice, structural racism, healthcare inequities, parity, gun violence, prior authorizations, conscientious objection in healthcare, and the growing legalization of assisted suicide (that will eventually reach our psychiatric patients). The policies and directions of the MPS need to be coupled with thoughtful connection to our profession’s fundamental values.

Samuel L. Williams, III, MD, MBA

Current Position: Medical Director, Behavioral Health; Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist, Mary’s Center( Maryland/DC)
MPS Positions: MPS Council member; Community Psychiatry and Diversity Coalition Member; Legislative Committee Member
Personal Statement:  It has been an honor to serve on the MPS Council. I would be honored to continue work with my colleagues on the MPS Council. I hope to continue to work for our diverse group of psychiatrists and continue our advocacy work. I am driven to improve mental health access and psychiatric care in Maryland, reduce the stigma of mental health disorders and further the MPS mission. I will continue to add value and diversity to the Council based on my personal and professional background as a community, child and adolescent psychiatrist and physician leader. I would be honored to continue serving on the MPS Council and appreciate your support.

Gulafsheen J. Quadri, M.D; M.A

Current Positions: Catholic Charities- Outpatient Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist
MPS Positions: Member of APA and MPS: Diversity Committee Member
Personal Statement: I recently completed my child and adolescent fellowship at the University of Maryland and stayed in Baltimore to follow my passion in community psychiatry.  As an APA Diversity Fellow Alumni, I am passionate about diversity and inclusion and improving access to mental health care.  In residency and fellowship, I served in DEI leadership positions and organized lectures to promote DEI work. I would be honored to serve on the counsel and work collectively with others to support the mission of MPS.  My training and work experience as a therapist and a child and adolescent psychiatrist will add diversity to the Council.

Rachna S. Raisinghani, M.D.

Current positions: Chair, Department of Psychiatry at Greater Baltimore Medical Center; Medical Director, Division of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry at Sheppard Pratt; Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Maryland School of Medicine; APA Fellow; Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellow and Interdisciplinary Education Committee Member; Indo-American Psychiatric Association Councilor, and Maryland Chapter President
MPS positions: Councilor 2021-present; Legislative Committee member 2023-present
Personal statement: I am honored to be nominated to continue to serve on the MPS Council. It has been an excellent opportunity to get to know colleagues, practices and current challenges, beyond what goes on in just my sphere of work. I have also appreciated the opportunity to use the platform to utilize the awareness of such challenges to explore possibilities for meaningful change for patients and our health care system. I remain dedicated to the cause of patients experiencing medical and psychiatric issues simultaneously, trying to find an appropriate place to receive all round care, in an often siloed environment. Based on my experience serving on the Council, I certainly hope to encourage as many of my colleagues as possible to become active in the MPS and use the resources for strengthening their peer networks, advocacy for patients and bringing about meaningful change in the field of mental health.  Hope to have your support. Thank you!

Benedicto Borja, M.D.

Current Positions: Residency Training Director, George Washington University Psychiatry Residency Program; Clinical Associate Professor, University of Maryland School of Medicine
MPS Positions: Councilor, MPS
Personal Statement:  I am a proud Baltimore native residing in the vibrant community of Perry Hall. I completed my residency as a member of the charter class of the University of Maryland/Sheppard Pratt Psychiatry Residency Training Program as Chief Resident. My areas of clinical expertise include emergency psychiatry, telepsychiatry and EMDR. I played a pivotal role in establishing Baltimore’s inaugural psychiatry emergency services at the University of Maryland. Additionally, I contributed to the creation of the city’s first crisis walk-in clinic at Sheppard Pratt, which I proudly served as the founding medical director for both services. The pursuit of improving access and reducing disparities in mental healthcare has always fueled my passion. Through my involvement with MPS, I am committed to fostering a better quality of life for the patients we serve. Addressing access and disparities in mental healthcare is not just a profession for me; it’s a deeply rooted hope that we can make a meaningful impact. Together, we can strive for excellence in mental healthcare and education, shaping a brighter future for our community.

Cynthia Major Lewis, MD

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Director Adult Psychiatric Emergency Services, Johns Hopkins University, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
MPS Positions: Legislative Committee Member, Community Psychiatry & Diversity Coalition Member
Personal Statement: My work as a community psychiatrist has afforded me the ability to work in many diverse settings.  My passion is working with our most vulnerable and disenfranchised population.  Directing the Psychiatric Emergency Department at Johns Hopkins introduced me to a population of patients who are being failed by our mental health system.  Some patients with Severe Mental Illness are often high utilizers of acute psychiatric services.  They often have increased risk of homelessness, incarceration, victimization and hospitalizations.  Maryland is one of three states whose lack of an  Assisted Outpatient Treatment Program is failing our patients and draining our resources. I joined the MPS Legislative Committee hoping to effect change for this population.  A seat on the council will further my ability to advocate for those who can’t advocate for themselves.  I will not rest until every patient is provided the treatment they deserve and the ability to live a dignified life.

Kim Bright, M.D.

Current Positions: Institute for Children and Adolescents – Psychiatrist Retired since 12/31/2023, Volunteer Assistant Professor, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Distinguished Life Fellow of the APA with maintained clinical practice
MPS Positions: MPS Community Psychiatry & Diversity Coalition (CPD) – member 5/2017 to present, Councilor
Personal Statement: In my career as a board-certified Child/Adolescent/General Psychiatrist, I have had the privilege of working with children, adolescents, transitional age youth, adults, individuals with disabilities, and the LGBTQ community. Over the last 28 years, my leadership experiences as the Medical Director of the Behavioral Health Administration, Clinical Director of Springfield Hospital Center, Interim Director of Behavioral Health Services at the University of Maryland, College Park has provided me a unique understanding of the behavioral health needs of various populations. Additionally my continuous civil and community service has allowed me to have a positive impact on local communities.  My goal is to ensure that residents in diverse populations, particularly the underserved, are provided access to safe and effective behavioral health services. I would be honored to serve as a MPS council member.


Resident-Fellow Member Councilor (1-year term

Hannah Paulding, M.D.

Current Position: PGY3 Resident at the University of Maryland/Sheppard Pratt program
MPS Positions: Resident-Fellow Member Councilor (Current)
Personal Statement: I have enjoyed my involvement with MPS as RFM deputy representative. It has afforded me the opportunity to connect with residents and fellows across programs both socially and professionally. I have seen how a strong network of psychiatrists behooves patient care as trainees are empowered to advocate for our patient’s rights, collaborate and coordinate care. I would be honored to serve as the Resident-Fellow Council member. 


MedChi Delegate (3-year term)
Enrique I. Oviedo, M.D.

Current Positions: Medical Director for Substance Use Disorder Treatment, Catholic Charities of Baltimore; Chief Medical Officer, MATClinics; Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Maryland Department of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Private Practice.
MPS Positions: MedChi Delegate 2022-present
Personal StatementIt would be an honor to represent MPS as the MedChi Delegate for a second term. I look forward to strengthening relationships with our colleagues at MedChi and advocating on behalf of MPS on behavioral health issues.


MedChi Alternate Delegate (3-year term)

Michael A. Young, M.D., M.S.

Current Positions: Medical Director, The Retreat at Sheppard Pratt; Associate Residency Training Director, University of Maryland/Sheppard Pratt Psychiatry Residency Program
MPS Positions: Current MPS Council Member, Co-Chair MPS Legislative Committee
Personal Statement: Caring for patients through clinical work has been at the heart of my career as a psychiatrist and something that brings a great sense of meaning and purpose to my life on a daily basis.  I believe that it is also important for psychiatrists to carve out time to mentor up and coming clinicians, engage in patient advocacy initiatives, and participate in community outreach in the interest of improving the quality of and access to psychiatric care.  I am honored to serve on the MPS Council and MPS Legislative Committee and continue the effort to improve psychiatric care in Maryland by working with my colleagues in achieving the MPS objectives.


APA Assembly Representative (3-year term)

Elias K. Shaya, M.D.

Current Positions: Regional Medical Director & Senior Associate Executive Director for Behavioral Health at MedStar Health, Inc. Distinguished Life Fellow of the APA with maintained clinical practice and special interest in Geriatric and Neuropsychiatry. Research activity with special interest and expertise in clinical pharmacotherapy and functional brain imaging. Special interest in physician coding and physician compensation models.
MPS Positions: Current APA Assembly Representative, Past MedChi Delegate, Past President of MPS, Past Payer Relations Committee Chair and Member, Past Council Member.
Personal Statement:  It would be a privilege and a pleasure to serve the MPS in another term as APA Assembly Representative. My journey with the MPS has been most gratifying since my “initiation” into the Payer Relations Committee, under Dr. Philip Dvoskin’s leadership. I look forward to representing our members’ interests and priorities at the APA Assembly. I hope that my years of experience and work on payers-related matters, from reducing administrative burdens to parity and physician compensation, serve me well to further the interests of our members and ultimately those of our patients.


Nominations & Elections Committee (3-year term, 2 vacancies)

Susan W. Lehmann, M.D.

Current Positions: Clinical Director of Division of Geriatric Psychiatry and Neuropsychiatry, Director of Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 
MPS Positions: Currently serving on Nominations and Elections Committee, Previously served as Council Member for two terms and Chair of the Membership Committee
Personal Statement:  I have been an active member of MPS for over 30 years and keenly  appreciate the vital role that MPS plays in advocating for excellence in mental health care for our patients and in supporting the work we do every day  as psychiatrists in Maryland. The Nominations and Elections Committee plays a key role in developing and sustaining the high quality leadership needed to move MPS forward in its essential mission. It would be my honor to serve on this committee for another term.

Patrick Triplett, M.D.

Current Positions: Clinical Director and Physician Advisor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Johns Hopkins Hospital and Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Departments of Psychiatry and Emergency Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. I currently run a proactive, embedded consultation-liaison psychiatry service in the Department of Medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital.
MPS Positions: Past President and Council Chair of the MPS, Served as Council Member, Legislative Committee Co-Chair, Residents and Fellows Committee Co-Chair.
Personal Statement:  I have been an active member of MPS since residency and served on the MPS Executive Committee.  I have seen firsthand the importance of the Nominations and Elections Committee in ensuring the continuation of effective leadership for MPS and would be honored to serve in this role. 

Catherine L. Harrison-Restelli, M.D.

Current Positions:  Clinical Assistant Professor, UMDSOM, and Attending Psychiatrist, Psychiatric Emergency Services, UMMC (part time), psychiatrist in private practice (part time)
MPS Positions: Member of MPS Council (2020-present), longtime member of MPS and APA
Personal Statement: I’ve spent my career working at the interface of psychiatry and medicine, caring for complex medically ill patients admitted to the hospital (GBMC, UMMC, VAMHCS), integrating mental health and substance use care into primary care clinics, and seeing patients in the Emergency Department.  I would be honored to continue to serve on the MPS Council and work to improve psychiatric care in Maryland. My interests are related to patient flow and access to services and physician wellness. It is untenable that children with autism and older adults with neurocognitive disorder may wait 4 weeks in the ED before getting a psychiatric bed, or that suicidal patients with comorbid medical illness get “stuck” in general hospital beds and may never make it to inpatient psychiatry. To maintain a healthy psychiatric workforce, we need to address documentation burden, ensure we have adequate time to see patients, provide fair compensation and reduce burnout.

Crystal C. Watkins, M.D., Ph.D.

Current Positions: Chief of Psychiatry and Operational Chair, MedStar Harbor Hospital;  Associate Professors or Psychiatry, Georgetown University School of Medicine; Medical Scientist Training Committee Member , Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
MPS Positions: Council  Board  Member 2016-2020; MPS Diversity Committee, 2015- 2022; Distinguished Fellowship Committee 2022-Present, Program & CME 2020-21, , Nominations and Elections 2022-Present, Member; Distinguished Fellow, APA, 2021- present.
Personal Statement:  I am passionate about my community and my profession as a Geriatric Psychiatrist. If elected to serve a second-term on the Nominations and Elections Committee,  I will continue to nominate future leaders in the MPS that build bridges with our political leaders and medical peers and advance access to mental health treatment in Maryland.  As a life-long Baltimore resident, I will continue to utilize my network in the Greater Baltimore area- partnering with schools, patient advocate groups and community organizations- to address issues of stigma associated with psychiatric care.  I will continue to bring diversity to the MPS with my unique perspective of working at Sheppard Pratt,  Johns Hopkins and MedStar in clinical research, residency education, inpatient care, community outreach and administration. With your support, I plan to contribute to the valuable mission of the MPS by offering new ideas and fostering camaraderie among members. Thank you for your consideration.