MPS Signs on to Waiver Application

Last month the MPS joined other behavioral health organizations in a letter supporting the Maryland Department of Health’s (MDH) 1115 Waiver Application for Medicaid Reentry. The letter applauded the MDH for working to expand access to a targeted set of Medicaid services to certain eligible people who will soon be released from state prison or jail. By improving access to Medicaid coverage and health care services as people prepare to return to the community, this demonstration would strengthen reentry outcomes, improve individual and public health, and promote greater racial justice and equity. Providing Medicaid coverage just prior to release would also reduce the use and cost of emergency department care, hospitalizations, and other medical expenses connected to health care needs upon reentry. The letter recommended MDH consider expanding the initial demonstration to help improve community transitions and health outcomes for all Maryland individuals who are being released from carceral settings.  Click here to read the letter in its entirety.