MPS Advocacy on New Crisis Services

In response to regulations proposed in the February 24 Maryland Register under the new chapter, COMAR 10.09.16 Behavioral Health Crisis Services, and new proposed amendments and additions to COMAR 10.63.01, COMAR 10.63.02, and COMAR 10.63.03 under Subtitle 63 Community-Based Behavioral Health Programs and Services, the MPS sent detailed comments supporting the addition of crisis services to the continuum of care available in our state and the funding that is essential to their success.  The comments addressed emergency petitions, location, services for children and adolescents, and other items.

In addition, the MPS signed on to comments submitted by Fund MD988 Campaign, which call for higher rates to cover the cost of care, as well as additional funding to compensate for fluctuations in demand.  They also advise that prior authorization should be prohibited for Mobile Crisis Teams.