2021 Session

The 442nd session of General Assembly convened in Annapolis on January 13, 2021 and will be in session through April 12, 2021. As of mind February more than 1360 pieces of legislation have been filed. The MPS Legislative Committee has been hard at work since December (looking through pre-filed bills) screening bills, preparing testimony, etc. To date the Legislative Committee has reviewed more than 75 bills.


HB135/SB84: Pharmacists – Administration of Self-Administered Medications and Maintenance Injectable Medications

HB200/SB479: Public Safety – Access to Firearms – Storage Requirements (Jaelynn’s Law)

HB209/SB168: Public Health – Maryland Suicide Fatality Review Committee

HB271: Public Safety – Law Enforcement Diversion Programs

HB496: Primary and Secondary Education – Mental Health Services – Expansion (Counselors Not Cops Act)

HB731: Telehealth Services – Expansion

HB774: Public Health – Adverse Childhood Experience Screening – Requirement and Practitioner Training Program

HB812/SB719: Maryland Department of Health – 2-1-1 Maryland – Mental Health Services Phone Call Program

HB915: Workgroup on Black, Latino, and Other Underrepresented Mental Health Professionals

SB74/HB88: Police Officers – Mental Health – Employee Assistance Programs

SB161/HB244: Task Force to Study Access to Mental Health Care in Higher Education

SB164/HB605: Veterans – Behavioral Health Services – Mental Health First Aid

SB299/HB548: Human Services – Trauma-Informed Care – Commission and Training

SB393/HB551: Maryland Medical Assistance Program and Health Insurance – Coverage and Reimbursement of Telehealth Services

SB520: Behavioral Health Services and Voluntary Placement Agreements – Children and Young Adults – Report Modifications

SB550: Sheila E. Hixson Behavioral Health Services Matching Grant Program for Service Members and Veterans – Establishment

SB0567/HB073: Telehealth Services – Expansion

SB638/HB919: Maryland Insurance Commissioner – Specialty Mental Health Services and Payment of Claims – Enforcement



HB29: Standards for Involuntary Admissions and Petitions for Emergency Evaluation – Substance Use Disorder

SB41/HB132: Health – Mental and Emotional Disorders – Consent (Mental Health Access Initiative)

SB355: Family Law – Custody Evaluators – Qualifications and Training

HB461: Student Attendance – Excused Absences for Mental Health Needs

HB851: Corrections – Restrictive Housing – Serious Mental Illness

HB917: Corrections – Restrictive Housing – Prohibition

SB96: Behavioral Health Programs and Health Care Facilities – Safety and Community Relations Plans


Support With Amendment

HB108/SB286: Behavioral Health Crisis Response Services – Modifications

HB191/SB56: Maryland Medical Assistance Program – Psychiatrist and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Telemedicine Reimbursement – Sunset Termination

HB377: Commission on Student Behavioral Health and Mental Health Treatment

HB442/SB557: Suicide Treatment Improvements Act

HB1121/SB905: Juvenile Services – Workgroup to Develop Evidence-Based, Research-Based, and Culturally Competent Practices

HB1166: Education – Physical Restraint and Seclusion – Requirements, Reporting, and Training

SB3/HB123: Preserve Telehealth Access Act of 2021

SB398/HB537: Mental Health Law – Petitions for Emergency Evaluation – Procedures

SB446/HB689: Certificates for Involuntary Admission – Licensed Certified Social Worker–Clinical


Under Review

SB928/HB1344: Mental Health Law – Reform of Laws and Delivery of Service