The Maryland Psychiatrist Spring 2024

The Maryland Psychiatrist Spring 2024.small

In This Issue

  • Heidi Bunes—A Fond Farewell

by Thomas E Allen, MD

  • Heidi Retires

by Robin Weiss, MD

  • MPS Holds Annual Meeting

by Bruce Hershfield, MD

  • MPS President’s 2024-2025 Vision

by Theodora Balis, MD

  • Theodora Balis, Our New MPS President

by Sue Kim, MD

  • Lifetime of Service Award

by Theodora Balis, MD and Carol Vidal, MD

  • In Memoriam: Ikwunga Wonodi, MD

by Theodora Balis, MD and Ann Hackman, MD

  • Cynthia Lewis, MD Receives Presidential Award of Excellence

by Bruce Hershfield, MD

  • Cheers from the Chair: Jeff Janofsky Retires

by Jimmy Potash, MD

  • Keeping up with Psychotherapy

by Gillian Schweitzer, MD

  • Interview: Alden Littlewood, MD

by Bruce Hershfield, MD

  • In Memoriam: Diane Gutternman

by Bruce Hershfield, MD

  • MD Psychiatrists Oppose Medical-Aid-in-Dying

by Carol Vidal, MD, PhD

  • In Memoriam: John A. Talbott

by Jill RachBeisel, MD & David Mallot, MD

  • Has Medical Aid in Dying Been Extended to Patients with Anorexia?

by Douglas Heinrichs, MD

  • Profile on Khizar Khan, MD

by Elizabeth Ryznar, MD

  • Ketamine–Assisted Group Therapy

by Dinah Miller, MD

  • Letter from the Editor

by Bruce Hershfield, MD