The Maryland Psychiatrist: Spring 2023

The Maryland Psychiatrist Spring 2023

In This Issue

  • Gratitude for Lifetime of Service by Steven Daviss, MD
  • Steven R. Daviss, MD: MPS Lifetime of Service Award by Annette Hanson, MD & Dinah Miller, MD
  • Carol Vidal, MD Becomes MPS President by Carol Vidal MD, PhD
  • Meet Carol Vidal, MD, PhD: New MPS President by Theodora Balis, MD
  • The 2022 General Assembly by Annette Hanson, MD
  • Future Looks Bright by Steven Sharfstein, MD
  • The “Wild West” of Virtual Ketamine and Psychedelic Treatment by Mark Komrad, MD
  • Dr. Hodzic to Head APA Foundation Fellowships by Jesse Hellman, MD
  • Governor’s Task Force on Suicide Prevention by Sue Kim, MD
  • Interview: Annette Hanson, MD by Bruce Hershfield, MD
  • In Memoriam: Susan Strahan, MD by  Bruce Hershfield, MD
  • Tribute to Professor Roland Griffiths by Jimmy Potash, MD
  • The DMS & Mental Wellbeing by Sue Kim, MD
  • Prior Authorization: A Lesson In Democracy by Robert Herman, MD
  • Letter From The Editor: We Are Meant To Do Better by  Bruce Hershfield, MD
  • MPS CME Event: Clinical Updates on Working with Autistic Populations