Emergency Regs for Maryland Bed Registry and Referral System

Emergency Regulations were announced by the Maryland Department of Health in the February 24 Maryland Register.  They establish requirements for use of and daily reporting to the Maryland Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Bed Registry and Referral System.

  • The regs require facilities, defined as hospital, freestanding medical facility, or provider designated by the Department, to refer individuals who require additional inpatient, outpatient, or community-based behavioral health care for care coordination within 48 hours of their arrival at the facility. The referral to care coordination centers requires patient information, including, but not limited to, diagnosis and level of care recommendations.
  • Facilities must report no less than three times per day during specified time intervals their current bed availability and census information, and any additional information requested by the Department, to populate the inpatient psychiatric bed board.
  • The regs also specify fines, penalties, and actions for violations.

Emergency status effective January 27 through July 26, 2023.