COVID-19 PHE to End May 11

The end of the Covid-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) will bring changes to the delivery of psychiatric care in many situations.  Psychiatrists must assess how their practice may be affected and how to prepare.  Some notable changes include the requirement under the Ryan Haight Act for an in-person visit to prescribe controlled substances, and the requirement for a prescriber to have a Drug Enforcement Administration license in any state in which they prescribe controlled substances.  In addition, HIPAA-compliant messaging software must be used for telehealth, which does not include Skype or FaceTime.

The APA is partnering with MPS and other district branches to share information with members.  Please see:

This session the Maryland legislature is working to establish telehealth policies for our state.  The bills under consideration include SB534.  MPS will inform members of the provisions once they are enacted.

As many as 80,000 Maryland residents may no longer qualify for Medicaid coverage after the federal government reinstates a pre-COVID requirement for states to verify the eligibility of recipients.  MDH urges Medicaid enrollees to update their contact information before the redetermination period.