ePrescribing Required for CDS

The Maryland law requiring electronic prescribing of controlled dangerous substances (CDS) includes exceptions in addition to a waiver for prescribers under certain scenarios, including economic hardship, technological limitations, and other circumstances.  The Office of Controlled Substances Administration offers  the calendar year waiver again for 2023.  All waivers previously approved apply to the 2022 calendar year only, even though other expiration dates may have been noted in the past.  Please click here to request an electronic prescribing waiver for 2023.

CMS has established an exception to its electronic prescribing mandate for those who prescribe up to 100 Part D CDS prescriptions annually.  The 2020 Maryland law applies to all CDS prescriptions written in the state, with several exceptions including when “the prescription is issued by a health practitioner who writes a low volume of prescriptions for controlled dangerous substances, as determined by the Maryland Health Care Commission.”  Maryland’s quantity corresponding to low volume has not been established.