MPS Launches Collaborative Care Model Interest Group

Participants in an October introductory meeting agreed to form an MPS Interest Group that will assist members with adoption of the Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) in Maryland, enabling them to work together to focus on workflow, quality, and outcomes for integrated care. Steve Daviss, M.D. will facilitate the group, which will support members who use CoCM via collaboration with MedChi, connections with state regulators, and coordination with the APA.

This group is open to all MPS members.

The Collaborative Care Model is an integrated care approach that helps primary care practitioners (PCPs) better manage people with mild and moderate psychiatric problems. The initial challenge in getting started with CoCM is finding PCPs interested in using the model. And PCPs have trouble finding psychiatrists who want to do CoCM. MPS has added “Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) Consulting” to the areas of interest in the Find-a-Psychiatrist tool to make it easier for practices to find psychiatrists who are trained in and use the model. The Interest Group will focus on the matchmaker role as an early initiative.

Virtual MPS CoCM Interest Group meetings are held the second Monday of the month from 7 to 8 PM beginning December 12.  To join, please email

Note: This group will not discuss fees or any other issues that could be considered anticompetitive.