Update on Implicit Bias Training Mandate

Biennial license renewal is underway for physicians whose last name begins with the letters A – L and whose license expires on September 30, 2022.  Click here for renewal information.

The Maryland Board of Physicians has updated qualifying courses for the implicit bias training required for license renewal starting this year.  The change gives physicians multiple options for completing their renewals.  Any training program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) meets the new requirement and licensees who have completed any implicit bias training course since 10/1/2020 will be considered to have fulfilled this condition of renewal.  An older list of approved courses also fulfills the mandate.  This is a one-time requirement.

You must attest to completion of the course on your renewal application.  You are not required to submit proof of course completion to the Board; however, it is recommended that you keep your certificate of completion as proof of registration. For courses that do not provide a certificate, the Board asks that you keep proof of registration or a screenshot of the completion screen for your records.  If you do not have this proof, the Board recommends documenting the date, time, and title of the course, and saving it in your records.

Click here for the renewal application.