The Maryland Psychiatrist: Summer 2021


In This Issue

• Our New President by Jessica Merkel-Keller, MD

• Diversity of MPS: Part 1 Inside Out: by Chad Lennon, MD

• MPS Annual Meeting: by John Buckley, MD

• The Founding & Rescue of St. Joseph’s Psychiatric Unit by John Buckley, MD

• Choosing Pronouns: by Annette Hanson, MD

• In Memoriam: Niranjan Jani, MD: by Bruce Hershfield, MD

• In Memoriam: James C. Harris MD: by James B. Potash, MD & John V. Campo, MD

• My Time During COVID: by Sue Kim, MD

• James Harris Was My Friend & Mentor: by Margaret Chisolm, MD

• Geetha Jayaram: 2021 Lifetime of Service Awardee by Elizabeth Wise, MD

• Becoming an Adult During the Pandemic: Hope or Despair: by Michael Freedman, MSW

• Letter From the Editor by Bruce Hershfield, MD