The Maryland Psychiatrist: Spring 2021

The Maryland Psychiatrist: Spring 2021

In This Issue


  • Virtual Meetings to The Rescue by Laura Gaffney, MD


  • Getting Ready for the Second Wave by Harsh Trivedi, MD & Todd Peters, MD


  • Awaiting Brood X: Revisited by Dinah Miller, MD


  • Pharmacy Benefits: Not What They Taught Us in Medical School by Robert Herman, MD


  • Memoriam: Amanda Cook-Zivic, MD by Annette Hanson, MD


  • The New OCD Program at Sheppard Pratt by Michael Young, MD


  • In Memoriam: Lutz von Muehlen, MD by Bruce Hershfield, MD


  • ZOOM! Maryland General Assembly in Remote Control  by Annette Hanson, MD


  • Cheers From The Chair by Jimmy Potash, MD


  • Family, Friends & Fines by Barry Goldstein, Esq. & Michelle Dian, Esq.


  • John Campo, MD: New Director at Child & Adolescent Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins by Elizabeth Wise, MD


  • Unreasonable Barriers to Care Threaten State System by Kim Jones-Fearing, MD


  • Meet the Behavioral Health Challenges of The Elder Boom by Michael Freedman, MSW


  • Barbara Young: Turning Anguish Into Beauty by Jesse Hellman, MD


  • Interview: Geetha Jayaram, MD by Bruce Hershfield, MD


  • Why Psychiatrists Should Follow “Goldwater” by Annette Hanson, MD


  • Letter From the Editor by Bruce Hershfield, MD