Council Approves Updated MPS Vision Mission Values

On March 9, the MPS Council voted unanimously to update the vision, mission and values of the organization as follows:


The Maryland Psychiatric Society is a professional organization of psychiatrists that works to foster high quality, accessible, culturally humble comprehensive, effective, and patient-centered care for Maryland residents living with mental health and substance use conditions.


The mission of the Maryland Psychiatric Society is to:

  • Advocate for all Maryland residents living with mental health and substance use disorders to receive the highest quality care
  • Work to ensure that historically disadvantaged and marginalized individuals have access to culturally respectful, comprehensive treatment.
  • Serve and represent the professional needs of Maryland psychiatrists, including underrepresented and diverse voices within the psychiatric community
  • Collaborate with other professional, community, and government organizations to advocate for our patients’ rights and interests


  • Professional responsibility based on the highest standards for clinical practice and professional conduct
  • Patients making empowered choices
  • Universal access to the most effective care
  • Respect for patients and colleagues
  • Lifelong professional learning
  • Collegial support
  • Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion within our membership and within the field of psychiatry
  • Recovery and healing

The Community Psychiatry and Diversity Coalition and the Executive Committee had central roles in drafting the updates.  This is one part of a multi-pronged response by the organization to the Council’s commitment in June 2020 to “questioning our practices, listening to people of color in our community and designing a plan with specific actions that create meaningful solutions for change.”