Urgent Prescriber Reminder

Maryland Medicaid has set a final enrollment deadline for practitioners who order, refer, or prescribe (ORP) for Medicaid participants.  Several psychiatrists who prescribe to Medicaid patients (perhaps unknowingly) still have not enrolled.  Maryland Medicaid gives practitioners the option to enroll as ORP providers as an alternative to enrolling as a billing or rendering provider. ORP status does not require a contract with Maryland Medicaid as a rendering provider.  It is a separate, limited status without full provider obligations.  To comply with federal requirements, everyone who prescribes to Maryland Medical Assistance participants must enroll by 2021. Enrollment does not require providers to provide services to additional Medicaid participants.  If prescribers do not wish to enroll at all in any capacity, they must coordinate with their Medicaid patients to find another doctor who is enrolled who can begin treating the patient before 2021 begins.  Otherwise these patients will be unable to receive Medicaid coverage for needed prescriptions from the pharmacy.



  • Please confirm whether any of your patients rely on Medicaid to cover the cost of their medications.


To enroll, please visit the Maryland Medicaid’s Electronic Provider Revalidation and Enrollment Portal (ePREP) at eprep.health.maryland.gov.  Please visit health.maryland.gov/eprep for more information about enrollment requirements and instructions (scroll to bottom for ORP specifics).