License Renewals for Last Names (A-L)

Renew medical licenses that expire September 30 online. (Physicians licensed through the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact must complete a two-part process to renew their Maryland license.)

Due to Governor Hogan’s March 12 Executive Order, the Board will extend the usual September 30 expiration date “to the 30th day after the date by which the state of emergency is terminated and the catastrophic health emergency is rescinded.”  There is no grace period after that time; an application for reinstatement would be required along with a new Criminal History Records Check (CHRC).  A CHRC is not required for renewals – only for new licenses and reinstatements.

Renewals include a question about medical liability coverage status, which is posted on the physician profile.

You may be randomly selected for CME audit. If you get a pop-up notice when you log in, you must submit 50 hours of CME documentation within 15 days of the license expiration date.

You are not authorized to practice if your license is not renewed.  For more information, see the MBP physician renewals page.