Collaborative Care Pilot Program

2018 legislation, HB1682/SB835, establishes a Maryland Medical Assistance Collaborative Care Pilot Program.  The Collaborative Care approach integrates physical and behavioral health services in primary care settings including: (1) care coordination and management; (2) regular monitoring and treatment using a clinical rating scale; and (3) regular psychiatric case reviews and consultation for patients who do not show clinical improvement.

Specifically, the bill requires the Department of Health (MDH) to establish and implement the Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) in up to three primary care settings providing services to Medical Assistance Program participants enrolled in HealthChoice, the statewide mandatory Medicaid managed care program. MDH is applying for an amendment to the State’s §1115 HealthChoice Demonstration Waiver to implement the Pilot Program.

Comments are being solicited through June 16, 2019 regarding the draft waiver amendment.  This link has more info and links to related documents.  MDH will report findings and recommendations from the Pilot by November 1, 2023.