2018 Member Survey Highlights

The MPS mailed a survey to all active members in May 2018, which closed in August after allowing 3 months for responses, both on paper and online.  A total of 196 members submitted input for the coming year.  This is up considerably from 167 responses in 2017!

Members described a variety of CME needs, with psychopharmacology continuing as the overwhelming top request at over 80%.  Managing insomnia was the second highest choice (over 40%) and addiction treatment was of interest to a third of the respondents.

This year’s survey asked about participation with Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance to help inform the MPS Payer Relations Committee’s work.  Just over half of respondents participate with Medicare; participation rates with private insurance and Medicaid are 45% and 44% respectively.  Forty-one percent of respondents do not participate with any insurance.  The top reason for not participating in all three types was low reimbursement, but contract terms & credentialing paperwork as well as intrusive oversight & utilization management followed very close behind.

Several possible new offerings were listed for member input.  Online voting for MPS elections came out on top with over two-thirds of respondents in favor.  A member directory app and workshops on MOC and e-prescribing all tied for the next level of interest.

Following up on a MPS listserv discussion, a new question was asked about alternative board certification.  Most respondents had no interest, but 25% were considering it and 14% already had it.

Over half of respondents practice in private settings, most of whom are in solo practice.  Of respondents working in the public sector, a quarter practice in state hospitals.  Over 60% of those who responded have been practicing more than 20 years and over three quarters have their primary place of practice in central Maryland.

Influencing how psychiatry is practiced in Maryland and MPS News are still what those who responded value most about being a member, with the annual membership directory ranked third.  This year, five levels of satisfaction with the MPS were included, with the addition of “Neutral.”  This brought the percentage of members who are satisfied or very satisfied overall with the MPS down to 88% from 95%.  Almost 10% of respondents say they are neutral.  MPS leadership and committees will carefully review the survey input to determine new initiatives and offerings.

Congratulations to survey participants  Phyllis Heffner, Jon Holt and Ron Means, who were selected randomly to win a $100 credit each toward MPS dues or an MPS event.  For more details, view the complete results.