Has your Medicaid patient’s prescription been denied due to your non-enrolled status?

The MPS has been vigorously advocating for non-enrolled psychiatrists to be able to continue to treat Medicaid patients privately while their medication and related services ordered by the psychiatrist continue to be covered under the Medicaid program.

Yesterday, we received notice from the Medicaid office that until they receive final guidance from CMS, they will resume covering prescriptions.  (CMS acknowledged that other states allow the arrangement the MPS has advocated.)

Psychiatrists affected should email their NPI number to mdh.rxenroll@maryland.gov and request to be removed from the list of providers whose prescriptions are being denied.

(Members who have already sent an email report having received a confusing autoreply message that states essentially that their prescriptions will be denied.  Later they have received a personal email confirming that the change has been made, but it will not be effective at the pharmacy for another day.  Please consider this timing when communicating the change to patients.)