MPS Support for the BHA Outcomes Measurement System

At its December meeting the members of the Behavioral Health Coalition (Including the MPS) agreed to draft a letter to Secretary Schrader voicing support for the Behavioral Health Administration’s Outcomes Measurement System (OMS). The Coalition was  told that decisions are being made now about the future of that system.

The OMS collects important data about the delivery and outcome of behavioral health services. Establishment of outcome measurement tools has lagged behind in the behavioral health field due to the unique characteristics of these illnesses. However, significant advances have occurred in recent years and the OMS is a solid foundation from which to build, providing a rich trove of eleven years of historical data. The collection of OMS and related data is also tied to nearly $40 million in yearly federal block grant funding for mental health and substance use disorder services. Like any other information technology, there is room for improvement, but the Coalition pledged to stand ready to work with BHA  identify and address any challenges to help this valuable tool evolve in a changing environment.

To view a copy of the letter, please click here.