Maryland Board of Physicians FY17 Annual Report

The Maryland Board of Physicians (the “Board”) is the agency charged with the regulatory oversight of the practice of medicine in the State, including licensing physicians and allied health professionals. The various allied health professionals are physician assistants, radiographers, radiation therapists, radiologist assistants, nuclear medicine technologists, respiratory care practitioners, perfusionists, psychiatrist assistants, polysomnographic technologists, athletic trainers, and naturopathic doctors. In FY 17, the Board regulated approximately 45,000 licensees. In addition to establishing qualifications for licensure, the Board is authorized to investigate complaints against licensees and discipline those who violate the Maryland Medical Practice Act.

The 2017 Annual Report is available online.  Some highlights of this year’s update include:

About 17,500 physicians are licensed by the Board.

Number of Resolved Allegations Involving Physician Licensees Investigated in FY17:

  • 101 CME deficiency (total fines exceeding $43K, the highest category of fines)
  • 439 Unprofessional conduct
  • 338 Failure to meet standard of care

In FY17, of 186 total disciplinary actions involving physicians, 35 of them entailed total loss of license and 43 involved restrictions of license such probation, terms and conditions.

Although there were 108 positive results out of 2283 total, no physicians were denied initial or renewal licensure due to criminal history records checks.