2017 MPS Election Results

The following members will serve in the positions noted for the 2017-2018 officer year.  These results from the 104 ballots cast in March were approved at the April Council meeting.

President-Elect:  Patrick Triplett, M.D.

Secretary-Treasurer:  Marsden McGuire M.D.


Virginia Ashley, M.D.
Mark Ehrenreich, M.D.
Annette Hanson, M.D.
Crystal Watkins, M.D.

Resident Fellow Member Councilor:

Paul Nestadt, M.D.

Early Career Psychiatrist Councilor:

Jesssica Merkel-Keller, M.D.

APA Assembly Representative:

Brian Zimnitzky, M.D.

Nominations and Elections Committee:

Merle McCann, M.D.
Ann Hackman, M.D.

Members voted to approve the change to Section 8 of the MPS Bylaws to allow a regular Return Service mailing in lieu of certified mail notifying members who will be dropped for nonpayment of dues.