APA Coordinates Advocacy on Psychologists

Opposing legislation introduced in previous Congresses (H.R. 794/S. 1064) to define psychologists as physicians under Medicare has been a top priority for the APA.  Defining psychologists as physicians is clinically unnecessary and potentially dangerous for Medicare beneficiaries, who should expect nothing less than a physician in charge of their medical care.  This legislation has major, negative ramifications for states if passed.  While it would not expand a psychologist’s scope of practice to prescribe, it would send an implied message of acceptance to state officials who are lobbied to extend prescribing privileges to psychologists.  Therefore, the APA asked District Branches to consider sending a letter to Members of Congress who have cosponsored the legislation in the past.  For Maryland, this is Representative Chris Van Hollen.  As Representative Van Hollen represents members from both jurisdictions, both the MPS and the WPS signed a joint letter that can be viewed here.