Ballot Question about Bylaws Change regarding Dues

In February, 2017, the MPS Council approved a change to the bylaws that would eliminate the requirement for notifying members by certified mail about impending Council action to drop them from membership for non-payment of MPS dues.  (This would also affect their membership in the APA because of the dual membership requirement.)  Instead members would receive notification by USPS Return Service Requested, which is the normal method the MPS uses for snail mail.  This would reduce postage costs considerably because the number of members who still owe as of the new, earlier drop date has almost doubled.

Ballots including this proposal were mailed on February 28 and must be postmarked by March 31 in order to be counted. The proposed bylaws change is as follows:


Any member who fails to pay dues or other assessments for six (6) months from the initial mailing of a dues statement shall automatically be dropped from membership after verified contact* by a member of the MPS Membership Committee, MPS leadership, or MPS staff notifying the member of such proposed action. This procedure may be waived for good cause by action of the Council. Only members in good standing shall be allowed to resign. Loss of membership in the MPS or in the American Psychiatric Association shall entail loss of membership in both.

*Verified Contact means:

  • Written response from member via email that indicates agreement with membership drop.
  • Email from Membership Committee, leadership or staff documenting date of personal phone conversation with member when he or she agreed to be dropped.
  • A Certified/return receipt letter sent through the United States Postal Service, Return Service Requested, to the address on file for the member giving final notice of need to pay dues to avoid membership termination.

Please email Kery Hummel or call the MPS office at 410-625-0232 with any questions.

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