MPS Dues

Important Changes to MPS Dues Billing Practices

The MPS Council approved changing to a calendar year for dues billing beginning in 2017.  The MPS will then be in sync with the APA dues billing cycle.  The MPS has established a 6 month budget for July-December, 2016 and a 12 month budget for January-December, 2017.

Dues for July 1 to December 31, 2016 were billed by MPS staff in June.  These dues must be paid within 90 days to avoid late fees.

Beginning with calendar year 2017, the APA will bill membership dues for both the APA and the MPS, except the MPS will continue billing lifers, Affliates and Friends.  APA invoices will clearly indicate that one amount is for the APA and the other amount is for the MPS.  The first email billings will go out in September.  Paper invoices will be sent in October.  Members may pay these dues by check, credit card or other arrangement.

All 2017 dues must be paid to APA or MPS by March 31, 2017 or the member will be dropped.

Please call the MPS office at 410-625-0232 or email if you have any questions about this important change.