APA Action Papers Submitted

Civil Liability Coverage for District Branch Ethics Investigations

Following her report at Council on September 12, 2017 MPS Ethics Committee Chair Dr. Joanna Brandt met with the committee the next night.  They discussed many of the issues raised during the Council meeting and agreed to explore the idea of an Action Paper to address some of the concerns.  APA Assembly Rep Anne Hanson, M.D. quickly drafted an action paper that she circulated to the APA for comments and endorsements. To read the Action Paper please click here.

At the November meeting, the Assembly voted to approve the paper, which asks that:

  1. The American Psychiatric Association shall make a copy of the APA Director & Officer Liability policy available upon request by District Branch.
  2. The American Psychiatric Association shall amend the APA Operations manual to include information regarding indemnification of district branches for liability related to ethics investigations.
  3. The American Psychiatric Association shall develop a written policy and protocol to provide expenditures to district branches specifically to support ethics investigations.

This action will be followed up by the APA Joint Reference Committee in February 2018.