Proposed Maryland Regulations on Outpatient Civil Commitment

On January 6, DHMH proposed regulations for a pilot program for outpatient civil commitment to allow for release of individuals who are involuntarily committed for inpatient treatment.  Please click here for the proposal, which may need some added protections for patients who resist treatment for reasonable reasons or lack capacity to make these decisions. Suggested changes: .02: remove requirement for board certification. .05 E & G: modify so reasonable reasons for refusing treatment are not used against individuals. .05 J: guidance is needed to improve how this test should be interpreted. .05 K and .09 D(4)(a): Add that individual must be able to competently refuse. .07 A & .09 A: typos, should be 3 days and 10 days. 10 A: Specify consequences of failure to follow the treatment plan.  Email Steve Daviss for details.

Public comments are being accepted until February 6.  Send to Michele A. Phinney, Director, Office of Regulation and Policy Coordination, DHMH, 201 W. Preston Street, Room 512, Baltimore, MD 21201, or call 410-767-6499, or email, or fax to 410-767-6483.